The Races

The kingdom of Grimwald is a “human” kingdom. They are the rulers of the land and make up seventy percent of the population. The Northern people are like the English, where the Southern people are the Scottish. The north is the more civilized area and the south much more rustic. Most folk are honest and hard working, but since the War, a sentiment of distrust against the other races has started to take hold.

The small folk make up for about twenty percent of the population of Grimwald. They are very common and are found in every village and town. The place you won’t find halfings, is in the ranks of the nobility or government.

Elves are a rare sight in the lands of men. Most people can claim to have seen one or more within their lifetime though. Right after the war they helped the people of Grimwald rebuild. However, as the years have passed, so has their presence. Recently, there seems to be a growing movement of distrust for the elves for some reason.

The Eladrin are the ruling class of the elven nation. They are almost never seen outside of their kingdom. The Eladrin led the elves against the Horde in the War.

Half-elves are more commonly seen in the southern lands since it borders the elven kingdom. Typically, they find greater acceptance there than within the human lands.

The dwarves once ruled a powerful kingdom in the Mountains of Tyr to the west. They traded freely with the men to the east. But when the Horde came, they took the dwarves by surprise. Their mountain home was taken and many dwarfs fled to the east to escape. Now what remains of the clans are found in merchant caravans that travel the human lands. A few have built homes within human settlements, but they are rare. Once the Horde had been beaten, many free dwarves went back to the mountain to find what happened to their people. They found their kingdom had been ransacked and desecrated, and of their people, there was no sign.

Tieflings are the bastard children of women raped by the creatures of the Horde. They are very rare and lead a life of constant concealment. They are seen as abominations by most folk. Only the King’s law prevents them from being killed outright. It is rumored that during the early years of the War, one of the King’s blood gave birth to one. For reasons unknown, he spared its life and it now lives in the castle still. In the last few years, more of them have been born, to women who never even came into contact with the Horde. It is a disturbing mystery.

The dragonborn have only recently discovered Grimwald. They came from across the great ocean borne on massive ships. At first the people had thought the Horde had returned and were attacking anew. Luck or fate intervened though and a conflict was averted. They have been made welcome to Grimwald.

The Races

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