Welcome to Grimwald

Welcome to the realm of Grimwald. Grimwald is a human realm, ruled by a feudal system with strict separation between noble and commoner. The land is ruled by the might of the nobility, and freedom is a word rarely whispered.

Nearly twenty years ago, it was embroiled in a great war versus the Horde, a force of evil creatures from the West. The war was won, but at the cost of their beloved King. Now a steward rules in his stead, as the realm waits for the prince to come of age.

To the South are the elven lands. Once staunch allies to the humans, now a diminished presence in the lands of men. To the West, the ruins of the dwarven mountain kingdom lie. Now the few that remain are nomad clans of merchants and artisans. The West is now held by the Horde, and none who go there return. To the North is the great desert, and the East lies the ocean of Aryth.

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